Tokyo National Museum  (東京国立博物館)

The garden of the Tokyo National Museum became the home for 5 historical buildings gathered from all over Japan.
There is a tea house called Tengo-an (転合庵) that was designed by the famous Japanese tea master Kobori Enshu (小堀遠州) in Kyoto. Another, Kujo-kan (九条館) was disassembled and brought here from the Imperial Palace in Kyoto.

The tea houses can be rented for tea ceremonies and haiku gatherings.

The garden is open for visitors in November, the peak season of autumn foliage and in spring during cherry blossom. It is located to the north side of the Hokan Gallery.

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How to get there
The National Museum is situated in the north part of Ueno park. The closest station is Ueno station, which is served by the Yamanote ring line and many other train lines.

Opening times
Open in November and spring during cherry blossom season.
9am - 5pm

Admissin with general museum ticket: 600 Yen

東京都台東区上野公園13-9 東京国立博物館
Tokyo-to, Taito-ku, Ueno-koen 13-9


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