Ryōgen-in (Daitoku-ji)  (大徳寺龍源院)

Ryōgen-in is one of Daitoku-ji's twenty-two sub-temples.
It is a rather small temple, but has several superlatives to offer:

-->One of its gardens (Tōkekiko) is Japan's smallest garden (supposedly).
-->Another of its gardens (Ryūgin-tei) is Daitoku-ji's oldest garden (maybe)
-->Its meditation hall is Japan's oldest Hōjō - competing for this title with Ryogin-an of Tofuku-ji.
-->Japan's oldest gun is on display inside the temple buildings.

The temple was found in 1502 as Daitoku-ji's sub-temples by the priest Tokei. It belongs to the Rinzai school of Zen Buddhism.

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How to get there
Bus: Take the bus 205 or 206 and get off at the stop ‘Daitoku-ji’.
Subway: Take the Karasuma line to Kitaō-ji station and walk about 15 minutes in a westward direction.

350 Yen

Opening hours
9am - 4:30pm

EN: 〒603-8231, Kyoto-Shi, Kita-Ku, Murasakino, 53 Daitoku-ji-Chō
JP: 〒603-8231, 京都市 北区 紫野 大徳寺町53


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