Mibu-dera  (壬生寺)

Mibu-dera was established in 991 by the monk Kaiken and is one of Kyoto's oldest temples. Since Kyoto has see a lot of wars, fires and other catastrophes over the centuries, none of the original building has survived until today. There is a stone garden south of the Shoin, the study rooms of the temple. It was also damaged in a big fire on the site and had to be rebuilt in 1811.

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How to get there
Take city bus no. 28 from Kyoto station towards Daikaku-ji (大覚寺). Get off after 8 stops (around 15 minutes) at Mibu-dera-dori. From there head south and you will see the temple after 400 meters.

Opening times
8:30am - 16:30pm

100 Yen

Kyoto-shi, Nakakyo-ku, Mibunaginomiya-cho 31

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